Monday, March 22, 2004

Movieblogging: The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training
An odd choice for this evening's entertainment, but Sweet Tapdancing Muhammad, when have I ever watched anything normal? Here we go: The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (1977). This is the lackluster sequel to the outstanding and previously-blogged classic, The Bad News Bears. Take a great film, and then make a pointless sequel featuring none of the good actors, a handful of the original extras, and none of the good writing.

Probably the biggest single actor returning in this one is the bad kid who rode the motorbike in the first movie... Yet he really wasn't the best character or actor in that film. The only actor of note in this picture that went on to bigger and better things is William Devane, whom you'll recognize from great movies like Space Cowboys and Payback.

There's really not much else to say about this movie... It's pretty bad for a baseball film; it's pretty bad for a kids' movie; it's pretty bad for the 70s, not a decade of excellence.
The Glory of Technology
Oh sweet Jesus... Check out this combination jacuzzi/entertainment system. OK, so I don't have $30K to spare at the moment, but how sweet can it get?

I don't think I've explained this here, but I'm definitely prefer the bath to the shower. Maybe it's my Anglophiliac leanings, maybe it's my weird schedule, but I love a good bath. It is contemplative. It's relaxing. You'll get plenty clean, don't worry. You get a quarter or half hour spent floating, rather than ten minutes standing under a showerhead and trying not to slip and fall.

It's not that I never take showers--I tend to run about half and half. If I'm in a hurry, or if I've been doing yard work, I hit the shower. But at any other time, it's all about the bath. Preferably with a good book. With a high definition widescreen TV like the one in the above ad, I might never leave the damned thing.

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